What is Supervision?

As a fully trained Supervisor, I offer supervision to many professionals, including fully trained Counsellors, Student Counsellors in placements, Hypnotherapists, people involved in Education, in fact anyone who works in the public sector. This can be individual or group supervision.

Clinical Supervision is now widely recognised as best practice with professionals in highly responsible positions, enabling them to deal with issues, which may arise in the work place, e.g. personal feelings which may cloud their professional decisions and judgement, relationships which may be difficult, or the stress related issues around their role.

Recognising these issues and developing strategies, which may help to address them, has the effect of raising confidence levels, motivation to work, and is empowering to the individual, consequently helping them to work more effectively, and offer the highest ethical standards to their clients.

For Counsellors, this is a monthly requirement to meet the ethical standards of the BACP and other organisations.

I offer an Integrative Humanistic approach to Counselling Supervision.

I offer a Solution Focussed approach supervision for Hypnotherapists, as required by the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy)